Day 439 Mid-Week

It’s only Wednesday but it feels like Friday.  Monday I was at TWH, which is busy.  There were rounds after work and, at home, I did my Monday gym session that I’d missed in the morning.  I increased my reps to 12, and it killed me.  Tuesday I did a last minute shift swap for another fellow, who wanted somebody to cover her on call.  Another fellow also called in sick so I was moved around.  In the morning I worked on my breast project writeup, and in the afternoon, I had been rostered with Ur in PET but got moved to TGH US.  I tried not to be too disappointed.  Thankfully the on call was relatively quiet (only 6 CTs and no calls overnight from the residents).  This morning I was back at TWH, a pleasant cycle West along Bloor in the cool morning, then South down Bathurst, dodging the tram tracks and manic taxi drivers.  At lunch I cycled home and showered (I smelled of a particular patient after having just gone in to the room to get a history), wolfing down lunch, before cycling back to PMH for PET with Ur.  It’s been difficult trying to get my head around reporting functional imaging findings vs. anatomical but today Ur said I was starting to sound like a nuclear imager.  I’m glad I requested the optional rotation.

This evening I had dinner with Vince & Cam at Guu, on Bloor St West.  It’s a Japanese pub which gets very busy and noisy.  We ate a good selection of food and had Japanese vodka with self squeezed lemon or grapefruit juice.  Cam was excited that the curling season starts in October (I can’t wait to see this strange sport live).  Vince was excited they have a holiday starting this weekend.  It reminded me that so do I; it’s a long weekend and I have to fly to Newfoundland to join Dan.



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