Day 441 TGIF & Another Long Weekend

I’ve made it to the gate.  I hope it’s the correct gate.  I’m an hour early.  Julian dropped me off; I caught the subway to Royal York after work and met him for dinner, as he works nearby. I remembered to hand him my house keys, before I ran off into the terminal, so he can water my balcony garden while we’re away.  The airport is busy, full of annoying people that wander diagonally across shared paths, or stand right behind you in a queue that’s not moving, as if that will get them through security faster.  I got pulled aside for the swipe test, whatever that is.  The coughing man behind me, who’d been breathing down my neck and standing way too close, took the opportunity to push past – a whole 2 m closer to the front of the queue.  Two people behind him slid forward too.  I almost couldn’t get back into the queue; a woman politely stopped in her tracks in her attempt at squeezing into the last 50 cm of space left open in the queue.  Her resentment at having had to pause was palpable – having already forgotten that I had been in front of her all along.  If only I’d planned ahead and ate baked beans or something equally productive for lunch.

I had a productive academic day today; worked on both research project write-ups and had a lunchtime meeting with the statistician for one of them.  We briefly chatted afterward and I asked him about his Masters at UoT and he gave some good advice on postgraduate study.  It’s been two years since I sat my fellowship exams; I’m almost ready to start a new achievement.  As I no longer remember my password to World of Warcraft and can’t seem to access my account through recovery (the authenticator code is wrong!) I may as well focus my achievement-whore addictive personality traits to something productive, like a MPH or MSc.  Writing manuscripts this week has got me all excited, in an intellectual frame-of-mind, that I haven’t really felt since university.  I like project work; it was part of the fun of working in the Arts Industry.

Today was sunny and warm.  When I got home from the hospital I sunbaked on our balcony.  As we’re almost at the top of our building and the builders on the taller building next door had left hours earlier I slipped my underwear down – I look ridiculous enough with my tank-top tan from Galápagos still fading I don’t want a fluorescent butt as well.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to in the coming months as leave has been approved for things like RSNA and Christmas/New Year’s.  I’ve got approval for the first half of RSNA and 2 days vacation the end of the week prior – we’re hoping to go to NYC for U.S. Thanksgiving, then Chicago for the weekend, and the conference.  I’ll be working over Christmas but will have the New Year’s week off.  If we can afford it (i.e. Daniel finds some paid work in the next few months while finishing his sequel and organising little things like… our wedding) we might make it to Mexico for New Year’s with our downstairs neighbour, Julian.  That’s if Dan’s sister doesn’t want us to join her wherever she is.  I hope it’s not Times Square.  After spending New Year’s in London a few years back and then hours crushed in crowds trying to get out of the area I’d rather avoid crowds.  Daniel’s purchased and long service leave payments stop next month so it’s going to be a budget shock, having to adjust to living on a Fellow’s pittance.

We heard from Alicia today, the woman who’s kindly fostered our cat for the past year (well aside from the five month’s Smudge ran away and lived feral): Smudge isn’t coping and she needs us to find somebody else to take over the foster arrangement for the rest of our time in Canada.  Dave & Antony bought their two cats over from Perth.  If we can’t get somebody back home we might need to fork out a lot of money to fly Smudge here.  A cat!  How ridiculous!  I’m allergic to cats and have enjoyed breathing through my nose and not having constant sinusitis since we’ve moved to Toronto.  I still don’t recall how Dan managed to convince me to get a cat.  I don’t even like cats.

Smudge in my veggie garden back home.
Smudge in my veggie garden back home.



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