Day 442 No Sleep & Another Boat Ride

Today’s been good, despite having landed in Deer Lake at 3 am, a 45-minute drive from Tim & Vaughan’s place in Corner Brook, and Dan waking me up at 9 am to start driving North to get onto another bloody boat.  I was exhausted and sea sick but thankfully the awesome beauty of the Canadian feeyords – or whatever the tour guide was babbling on about – made me smile and breath a relaxed sigh.  I’m on holiday for a few days; the gale-force breeze wasn’t as cold as at Gulfoss and the spray wasn’t anything like at Niagara.  I’m not sure why but people are talkative in Canada and a guy came and stood next to me by the rails and pointed at parallel crack lines in the rocks, “Looks like somebody tried to build stairs!”  I was confused; there were several discontinuities and the apparent stairs led nowhere from a terribly inconvenient group of trees.  Why on Earth would anybody want to build stairs vertically up a rock face in that location?  It looked nothing like somebody was trying to build stairs!  I tried to explain this to him, and that perhaps it was just coincidence.  He laughed uneasily, “I was just joking.”

The boat tour was good.  Dan drove us back South to our night’s accommodation in Woody Point.  I passed out on the way, much to Dan’s jealousy.  I had offered to drive, so surely I should get points for that.  We’re at Aunt Jane’s B&B in Woody Point and I’m curled up in bed ready for sleep and it’s only 8 pm.  Saturday night record!


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