Day 443 Still No Moose

I woke up at 1 am, as we’d gone to bed so early.  I quietly read my ebook on my iPhone (Widdershins (Whyborne & Griffin, #1)) which is a m/m historic mystery which I was quite enjoying (it’s a mystery!), up until the characters had sex and the author’s U.S. female voice shone out like a beacon; I can immediately tell when an m/m book is written by a woman because the characters become ridiculously neurotic in the middle of a sex scene, and there is overemphasis on relationships/trust/deeper emotional meanings that completely distract from the physical encounter at hand.  The rare occasion I read a sex scene in an m/m book and think, “Wow, that sounds believable!” or even better, “Hot!” it’s been written by a guy, who’s probably writing from experience.  There might be a single sentence of character self-reflexivity, but not an entire paragraph.  I’ve scrolled past the subsequent sex scenes (especially because if I see the words “length” or “member” or “white-hot” I’ll be inclined to ditch the book altogether).  I suppose if a lot of m/m content is written by American housewives for other American housewives I can’t hold my breath.  I’ve really wanted to read another technological thriller, after having read Daemon (Daemon, #1) & Freedom (Daemon, #2) last year but haven’t found anything as good.  By 2 am Dan roused and told me to go back to sleep, so I did.

This morning it was raining, which I’d secretly hoped for all week (Dan had planned a 7-hour hike up some hill today) but today was disappointed, as I’d started to warm to the idea of a hike.  We’d hiked around the Sierra Negra volcanic crater in the Galápagos; I was due for another day of trudging up a hill and jumping in alarm from flying wasps.  The cloud cover on Table Mountains stopped us at the base, because there’d not only be no view to see or photograph but it obscures visibility entirely and that would be treacherous.

Dan drove us West to a Discovery Centre.  We wandered around and I discovered myself out, after reading one display about fjords and glaciation.  I think we also watched a 20 minute film about Gros Morne.  We drove around the water to Norris Point, where we saw a Marine Station with a  touch pool.  A little girl was squeezing a starfish which distressed Dan, so we left.  We stopped for lunch in Rocky Harbour.   We’d been singing along to songs on my iPhone, filming ourselves on Dan’s GoPro until it ran out of memory.  Dan drove us up to Cow Head, where we’re spending the night and I had a nap on the way.   Dan’s napping now, while I catch up the May (breast) and July (body MRI) issues of Radiologic Clinics of North America.

Still haven’t seen a moose.


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  1. If you like tech thrillers you might like:

    Interface by Stephen bury
    Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

    Stephen bury is a pseudonym for Neal Stephenson

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