Day 444 Thankfully No Moose

Childhood Chinese superstitions, like the number 4 being bad, are something I find irrationally irksome.  Today I was convinced we’d hit a moose, and crash.  Thankfully we’ve made it to Burnt Cape Cabins and still haven’t seen a moose.

The Arches Provincial Park, NL Canada

Dan started our long drive North – we had > 300 km to make by lunchtime.  Soon after we left Cow Head a sign to The Arches Provincial Park pointed left.  I’m not sure why we turned off but I’m glad we did; we saw a beach of rounded rocks and some natural archways on the shoreline.  Plenty of photographic opportunity.


We initially stopped at L’Anse aux Meadows, where one of the character actors was heading out of the Parks Canada building toward the toilet and alerted us to TWO MOOSE in the area.  We rushed in.  We’d missed the moose, that had just passed by.  It was 13:00 and we’d been driving for almost four hours.  The next tout was at 14:00.  I was keen for lunch, especially as the alternative was to wait until mid-afternoon.  We nipped back South a few minutes’ drive to get a cup of coffee and a chess sandwich but it took an hour so we missed the tour.  We headed to Norstead instead.  It was a recreation of a Norse settlement (not that there has been any found in the area) with character actors.  It was entertaining.  Afterwards we climbed the hills behind.

L’Anse aux Meadows

There was an English language tour at 16:00, which we made.  A bunch of grass covered building shaped mounds cover

Norseman Restaurant

I was really looking forward to lobster; Dan had picked up a postcard advertising Norseman Restaurant somewhere over the weekend.  It pictured a violin and a plate with a whole lobster.  There was no lobster on the menu tonight.  I had pan fried cod instead, “prepared the traditional way”.  I asked the waitress what “the traditional way” meant and she explained, “Like how the old people used to make it.”  OK.  I had scallops for starter, which were well cooked and plated.  The fish was pretty good too.  We had dessert, which was good, but not amazing.  Worth a visit though.

Burnt Cape Cabins

We’ve got a one bedroom cabin, and it has a kitchenette.  Even though we just ate a three course meal I was still peckish so bought a tin of soup from the grocery store and had a fourth course.  Pity we’re only staying one night; it looks like a relaxing place to spend a few days.


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