Day 450 Friends & Family

It’s been a weekend at “home” with friends and family:

– We joined Bec & Alastair yesterday wheeling our old lady shopping carts down Church St to buy groceries at Loblaws.

Grocery run.

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– Last night we visited Dave & Antony and bouncing baby Josh (he really loves the bouncing circular chair thing) and a BBQ at their place, complete with flames and then Cards Against Humanity.

BBQ at the Clark's. With flames.

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– It’s Father’s Day in Australia so we called our Dads when we woke up this morning.

– I finally got my Mum to answer her phone (I’ve been calling since her birthday two weeks ago) and she answered with, “Wall? Oh, it’s Glen.” She complained that she looks like a grandmother already, which is odd because she is one, thanks to my sister.

Today we have the first of five TIFF films to see, which is going to interrupt me spending another day at home trying to finish writing a sensible discussion for my breast project manuscript.  The weather has gone completely sunny again as if to spite my decision to stay at home and get some work done.



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