Day 453 Rain

It was sunny this morning.  I cycled to work.  At lunch I escaped the oppressive airless MRI reporting room and phone that wouldn’t stop ringing, and ran across the road to get a coffee from Starbucks.  I was going to buy Ur a coffee as it was his birthday but we missed each other (I got caught up monitoring a pelvis MRI) and passed each other crossing the street. It was sunny.  5 hours later, when I left to cycle home it was raining, hard.  I was late.  I had to catch the subway.  Summer is over.

Goodbye summer.

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Julian joined us for our 3rd TIFF film tonight, Teen Lust, at Bloor Hot Docs cinema several subway stops West of us.  We took our umbrellas.  It was a comedy made in Canada so the audience cheered constantly, presumably at recognition of local talent. It didn’t grab me as much as it did the rest of the audience.  I got more badges in exchange for my ticket.

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Juilan hadn’t eaten so we graciously at supper across the road at Guu SakaBar.  They have a bin for umbrellas at the door.  I had a nama lemon. When we left my umbrella wasn’t there, but a similar sized same brand umbrella was.  I like my new umbrella better.

Supper post #TIFF film.

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