Day 455 Under a Rock

Well I’ve been living under a rock.  Apparently there has been media crawling around outside work since Wednesday when the infamous city Mayor was admitted.  It’s even made the ABC News feed in Australia.  Maybe I should start reading newspapers.  I hadn’t noticed.  At 13:00 I realised I’d again missed lunch, so walked outside to find gorgeous sunshine and two transportable food trucks parked outside TGH, across the road.  I treated myself to a pulled beef brisket taco.  It was delicious.

We had our 4th TIFF film booked tonight, at 17:45, so I sprinted out of work and cycled down to King St. Then I remembered it wasn’t at the TIFF cinema complex but at Scotiabank, several blocks back North.  By the time I got to the cinema, with 5 minutes to spare, the festival had announced a delay until 19:00.  We had time to eat dinner!  We were lucky that we got into a nearby Thai restaurant (Pai), crossing another long TIFF queue going around a block, and ordered and ate with time to rush back to the theatre.

Unfortunately we didn’t particularly enjoy tonight’s film, Kill Me Three Times, an Australian film that was like Kill Bill, something by Tarantino and a little bit Aussie too.  The narrative was just so predictable and the blood and guts not that exciting.  We were in the top corner, trying not to fall asleep.  We haven’t made it to Amy’s for her games night; I need to crawl into bed.

We’ve had four people cancel for the wedding today.  It’s curious; I would’ve thought somebody’s wedding would be something you’d only commit to going to, and RSVP on time, if you were going to commit to going to it, not pull out 7 weeks beforehand, when the couple has probably already booked and paid for everybody. A big incentive to making a marriage work is not wanting to ever have to go through organising another wedding again. Ever.  Not that it’s actually been an ordeal; Dan has done most of the legwork.  We’ve emailed Aunty Gaye back and forth this week and have almost finished the ceremony script.  We’ve got clothes to wear, words to say, people coming (maybe not) and one of at least two rings.  I think that’s all we need.  We’ve paid the photographer’s down payment.  We’ve hired a vehicle to drive down to the venue.  I booked a hotel room for the night.  I got a bit internet-shopping happy last Friday while watching the lightning storm at Bec & Alastairs and ordered a few boxes of small kitsch wedding favour options.  One arrived today.  Dan couldn’t wait to tear open the box, ripping it apart in the elevator.  I’m a little bit excited.


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