Day 460 Dîner en Blanc

Work has been busy but we’ve managed to balance our social engagements this week; tonight we joined a lot of other people dressed in white somewhere on Lake Ontario as the sun set for 2014 Toronto Dîner en Blanc.  It was an experience.  Not as organised as ski club (a lot of standing around, nobody knows how to stack things neatly under the bus so that other people can fit things in, or how to get things out again, the napkin-waving and food-eating began before everybody had even set up their tables or sat down).  It’s mid-week so we left early (you are threatened with no return invite for leaving early but… we’ll most likely be in Australia this time next year so bed beckoned).  It was good to spend the evening with Bec & Alastair.

Dan had carefully prepared our meal: French bread with home-made pesto (so that’s why my basil plants were hacked to death yesterday) and balsamic vinegar and olive oil; a spinach and mushroom salad with steamed sliced chicken and a curious lemon-oil-garlic dressing that tasted of garlic (neither of us finished it); and another amazing Eton mess.  There was a live band.  A lot of women took the opportunity to dress up and it reminded me of a High School formal; some people get a very different experience out of the night to me.  I’m glad we went though.  And I’m glad we’re already home and I can crawl into bed.





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