Day 461.2 JFL42

Dan endured the JFL42 website a few weeks ago when we’d seen Tim Minchin was playing, and so did Bec & Alastair, so we had dinner with them before the show.  That’s two nights out this week!  I had grave doubts as we caught the subway South, through Union, and up to St Andrew, to transfer to a streetcar West along King St; we had no booking or restaurant in mind, we had only 90 minutes to eat dinner before we had to move on to the theatre and we were all hungry, and it was a work night.  We got off at Portland St as I had randomly clicked on restaurants that were showing up on my Apple maps application, which helpfully linked to Yelp reviews and the restaurant websites. I found one called Buca.  We couldn’t see it so walked into a few other restaurants on the corner, but they were either full or the menu didn’t attract all in our party.  Then I realised that Buca was up an alleyway.  What a find!  We’re never lucky stumbling into a restaurant without recommendation or a booking but we were treated to good service, a great atmosphere and good quality food. Including desserts.  My pizza had gorgonzola and marscapone.  We shared a bottle of wine and left giggly.  We just made it to the theatre where we reminisced and relived several of Minchin’s songs that we’d heard before.  He opened with Prejudice, which was Bec’s favourite (she’s a redhead too).  Another memorable evening.



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