Day 464 Forecast Folly

All week today’s weather forecast was a little grey cloud with lightning.  By last night the hourly forecast was >50% chance of rain every hour, with lightning.  We’d planned to go to Canada’s Wonderland with Cam & Vincent and Julian, and were going to get in with a group discount.  We held of buying tickets until the eleventh hour because of the dodgy forecast. When we were woken this morning by a loud thunderclap and an apocalyptic rain outside we cancelled and planned to meet up for brunch at noon instead.  Brunch in Toronto can take place at lunchtime or even afternoon tea and still be the meal between breakfast and lunch.

By the time we met up down at the distillery district the sun came out and for the rest of the day it was bloody beautiful perfect weather!  I felt bad for Vincent as it was meant to be a birthday celebration for him and it didn’t turn out as planned.  On the plus side the pastries at Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie were pretty good.  We’ll just have to make sure to seize the day another day.  Cam let me check out his new iPhone and I almost dropped it, as I struggled to hold the thinner yet larger surface area design.  I won’t be buying one.  They’re turning into iPads!

Dan and I came home and had a grandpa nap.  I woke up and watched Frozen while ironing my shirts, exciting stuff.  Dan cleaned the house today (in a frenzy of guilt after finding that Bec & Alastair mop fortnightly).  Almost ready for another week.

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