Day 465 Turning Point

I seem to be up to date.  I don’t know what to do with myself.  I would’ve slept in this morning, had I not previously promised Julian to meet at the gym this morning and do abs & cardio.  I was on academic today and, as I’m waiting for feedback on both write-ups and for the research protocol to confirm study period dates and definitions before data collection for this year’s project, I spent the day catching up on reading journal articles, looking at the Tumor Board cases for the Gynae Onc meeting at 16:30 and updating my RANZCR Fellowship notes – Powerpoint presentations.

It’s been a terribly exciting day; I had an anxious fifteen minutes where I completely forgot the password for my data collection sheet and thought I’d have to start over.  More wedding favour things have arrived.  I did get a bit excited a few weeks ago.  I’ve accepted a quote for my wedding ring in white gold, which I’ve discovered isn’t some abnormally white coloured gold but an alloy to make it more durable and a different colour!  Dan just watched Gotham premiere while I finished updating my notes and clearing my inboxes.  I start on call this Saturday so I work straight through until next weekend from tomorrow.  I’ll give myself until Thursday before I wish for a holiday.  It’s definitely gloves and jacket weather now.

Autumnal balcony view.
Autumnal balcony view.



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