Day 466 Tuesday

Getting sick.  There’s a virus going around and this afternoon’s sneezing and postnasal drip explains the headache I had all weekend; I’ve got it.  Hopefully a good sleep tonight will keep it at bay.  Work was busy today but good.  Lots of good cases to learn from.  Made an effort to take a lunch break today and ran across the road with Ur to get food underneath TGH.  The traffic on University Ave today was chaotic.

Went to cheap Tuesday night movies tonight and saw This is Where I Leave You. It was good but felt a little slow, to be expected with so many characters.  Dan finally upgraded his phone (he did have in iPhone 4, now he’s got a mini-tablet that just fits in his pocket).  We’ve both paid deposits for our wedding rings. It feels real now, not just some event planned in the distant future.


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