Day 467 Lemon Pudding

I’ve had a headache since noon.  By 17:30 my vision was blurry and I was glad to leave work. It was a productive day at work; we’re at full staff (2 fellows, 1 resident, 1 consultant) and we had a good team.  Sangeet was generous to buy coffees today (it’s usually me).  I’ve been showing Christina how to monitor the pelvic MRI so that the interruptions to reporting get shared between three of us, instead of two.  We managed to report a lot today and got the list down.  Sangeet told tales of days when the list was at zero and you had to fight to report scans.  This seemed like myth to me.  But, if we continue to report more than are scanned each day we’ll make it.  If we keep the same rate as today we’ll make it by the end of next week.

Dan baked smashed roast potatoes and an interesting poultry roast for dinner.  We watched Frasier.  As my eyes aren’t focussing well (it’s probably just a head cold but it feels like my sphenoid sinuses are being eroded from within) I couldn’t stare longer at a screen so I walked across Bloor St and bought ingredients for steamed lemon puddings.  I still find it odd to be living downtown and seeing other people when I leave the house.  It’s so busy.  I had a fun time preparing the pudding mix, as I was surprised at the consistency of the dough when I was ready to pour it into the ramekins.  I’d missed adding the flour and coconut milk so had a gluggy mess of sugar, butter and eggs.  The lemon juice, sugar and water syrup seems to have not turned out as a syrup either.  I’m not sure how I managed to stuff up something with only three ingredients.

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