Days 471 & 472 The Nasturtiums Are Dying

Radiology on call is never satisfying.  It’s like Goldilocks.  Cases are either normal and boring or so unbelievably complex you run out of short-term memory coalescing all findings into one coherent interpretation before the phone rings or somebody interrupts.

Yesterday it was so quiet I pre-reported MRIs for today and tomorrow, finished my rounds talk and worked on my breast project.  Tonight it was so flat-out ridiculously busy I didn’t get time to eat dinner after my rounds presentation and was a bit disappointed Dan hadn’t saved me anything of whatever he’d had for dinner.  Thankfully I’d stocked 2 minute noodles in the cupboard and mixed in an egg and frozen corn.  Four more days to go.

When I cycled to work today I was late because there were no parking spots outside, or a block down, or another block down.  I had to park several blocks down the road and then walk back.  On the light side, Dan submitted an online Marriage License Application today.  I hope the timing works out.


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