Day 475 Thursday

Work was busy tonight.  I was hoping for some respite after a few busy evenings this week but that was not to be. People just never stop coming to hospital.  When I left, an hour late, there were still news vans parked outside.

This morning, before my evening shift started, I activated my corporate membership to Goodlife, the gym franchise/chain that has the monopoly in downtown Toronto.  There are three within a 5 minute walk from our building.  I chose the venue with postmenopausal women.

Tomorrow is my 12th day in a row at work, 7th day in a row of 10.5-11 hour evening shifts, then sleeping with a pager and phone by my head.  I don’t have the same stamina as I did when I graduated from Medical School and, although today I suddenly recovered from the headaches and postnasal drip that dogged me for almost two weeks, I feel spread thin.  Saturday morning would be a glorious beacon on the horizon except Dan and Julian have made plans to go apple picking.  There are perfectly nice apples across the street in Longo’s and they’re already packaged in a cute little carry box.  (I’m pretending to be less than enthusiastic; I’m just sore I don’t have overalls and a straw hat to wear.)





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