Day 478 The Tasting

This afternoon Dan drove us down to St Catharine’s, a small town on Lake Ontario between Toronto and Niagara.  We had our wedding tasting.  I was hesitant.  We’ve already decided what food we wanted.  Why bother tasting it?  We’ll taste it on the day! If we don’t like it we’ll have to decide on something else! PJ, the Events Organiser at our venue, was to meet us while we ate samples of the food we’d requested, and decided which wines we liked (does it matter? I’ll probably be drinking water anyway so I don’t go beetroot red and ruin all photographs).  We also ran over details for the day, which is only three weeks away now.  So many little decisions.  Which white?  Which red? Are we walking in together or standing there?  It’s difficult not having either religious or secular traditions to fall back on.  I was surprised that I liked the food better than I had expected (I find North American cooking very heavy) and we amicably chose the wines for the table and bar alternatives from the selection PJ had brought from the winery.  Our chef was an motley conglomerate of tattoos, piercings and missing teeth.  He cooked a mean rosemary chicken breast with mushrooms.  And delicious glazed carrots.  He was great.

This is probably the biggest party we (and by we I mean Dan) has had to organise but we were reassured by PJ’s relaxed, though entirely professional, demeanour; last week he’d organised an event for 4000 people.  Our wedding was just like organising a dinner for ten to him. 54 people is just one busload.  I’m looking forward to it. What I’m not certain about now, having never paid attention at other weddings, is whether having extra food at 23:00 is too much food, or if people would be hungry/bored.  Perhaps it’s North American to provide almost continual food.  We’re definitely having waffles though.  Late night fresh made waffles. And crepes.

It’s curious both Dan and I have had people react surprised that we have not chosen the same ring design.  We are two different people, why would we have the same ring?  Brides and grooms don’t wear the same ring, or the same dress.  Just because we are two grooms why would we want to wear the same suits or have the same ring design?  What an odd assumption!  It was good to have the freedom to decide that we have so much food already that a cake was superfluous and we don’t need a picture of us cutting a cake, as we have thousands of pictures of us doing far more exciting things, so that’s one less thing to organise.  Other people have forgone a First Dance and, despite their viral popularity, not everybody has choreographed dance routines or flash mobs so I don’t feel bad about not wanting one, or to choreograph, teach, rehearse and perform one either.

What do guys do for a buck’s night?  We had thought food, then karaoke then dancing in the gay bars downtown.  But nobody wants to book a table for 20.  On the drive down I Googled bucks night ideas and got a nauseating list of top ten things I most definitely do not want to do ever let alone the first time I get to see friends from back home that I’ve not seen in over a year.  Fishing.  Cigar bar.  Drive a Porsche. Jet skiing.  Golf.  Hmm actually jet skiing we’ve done with family and it was fun.  Laser tag was something we would enjoy.  So is just sitting down and eating food.  We’ll go with food.  Food, wine, merriment.





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  1. Despite all your misgivings and anxieties, it sounds as though you’re both enjoying organising this! I’m sorry I’m unable to be there . . . I hope you’re planning to have some sort of celebration when you return to Perth?

    1. Do you think we should also have late-night pizza/pastries/fruit at 23:00?
      Are you going to be able to stay that long? I recall a few relative’s weddings when I was a kid where I slept under a table…

  2. yeah, look if we are still there I am sure Katelyn will be asleep under a table (and maybe me too!!!) but I was actually thinking of everyone else (no, really?!!) I reckon fresh fruit would be nice to nibble on as the you head into the weeee hours of the morning….mmmm but waffles and crepes always sound good!!! xxx

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