Day 482 Balance

I got a lot out of today, despite skipping cardio at the gym downstairs at 06:15 with Julian to sleep in.  When my alarm sounded just before six I reset my alarm for ten-past and hoped Julian would pike first.  He did.  Excellent.  I slept in.  I cycled to work with my sleeves rolled-down, my ears burning in the cold.  Our PACS and RIS spent all morning crashing, but intermittently working which is worse than not working at all; when there’s hope you end up trying to load a case and repeatedly disappointed and increasingly frustrated when it starts to scroll down, but freezes, then crashes again.  If I had intracranial aneurysms I would’ve burst one.  Thankfully Seng offered to buy coffees and I introduced her to Tim Hortons’ French Vanilla.

After lunch (we all worked through lunch, as the computers had started working again and we had to catch up) I decided I should at least get a few minutes of sunshine so ran across University Ave and stood in gale-force winds to get a taco from a food van.  I shivered.  At first I ordered two but couldn’t pay with my credit card (who carries cash!?). I had to run back across the road, and upstairs to scramble the few coins in my backpack to pay for a single taco.  It was worth it.  Pulled pork on a roti.

Dan cooked diced chicken and gnocchi with a tomato sauce for dinner then we caught the train down and around to Osgood and walked West to the Scotiabank cinema for a late night date night, watching the early screening on IMAX of the new Dracula film. I wore my ear muffs.  We were surprised by the above-average script for a film with special effects.  It was an evening well spent.  Daniel made me laugh on the way home, talking nonsense.  Me laughing just eggs him on and it rapidly spirals into me trying to stifle giggles in a packed train.  So many people get on at Dundas.

We came home and treated ourselves to Vegemite on toast.  Not doing well on my three-weeks-until-getting-married-gym-and-healthy-eating-blitz-to-maybe-see-my-abs-one-more-time.  Vegemite on hot, buttered toast.


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