Day 486 The Breakfast Table

I’m not a morning person.  When I see advertisements for coffee cups that mark a gradual increase in permissible interaction with decreasing residual coffee volume I think, “I need one of those!”  At home Daniel usually grabs my pillow when I wake up, and buries his head underneath it as I get ready for work and he gets to sleep another hour.  I stumble about the apartment concentrating on finding my pants, without walking into the open dishwasher.  Added to the ordeal is forcing a few mouthfuls of microwaved oats into my face; if I don’t eat breakfast my energy levels crash by 10 am.  It’s been so busy at work the past month I’ve been longing for this small weekend getaway where I can sleep in, and enjoy some restful solitude.  Not going to happen.

This morning we descended down the central stairway in the B&B to see the dining area almost full of travellers.  We were the only ones younger than 50. There were two tables: one main dining table that sat 9 and a small satellite table for 3 or 4.  Dan and I sat down wedged between a heterosexual couple on my right and 2 heterosexual couples on my left. The satellite table was guarded by a middle-aged man who didn’t smile. I felt so uncomfortable.  We were the new guests.  We were considerably younger.  We weren’t the same. I sank into my chair and stared at my placemat.  Hopefully I could just sip my coffee in silence and slowly wake up.  Daniel had different ideas and turned to the man on his right and struck up a conversation.  “Do you all know each other?”  It was like watching a driver crank up a vintage car: after a few false starts he had started conversation with multiple strangers.  I was dragged in, before I’d even managed two sips of coffee. So much for a relaxing weekend. Ugh.

Thankfully breakfast didn’t last long and the other travellers were friendly and we shared some laughs, even though once again I was asked if:

I was a university student (I finished my three degrees 10 years ago now).

I was a nurse. (Do I look like somebody who gets 2 tea breaks and a lunch break every day?)

As we drove around the Cabot Trail I eagerly anticipated our night’s stay in a yurt, by ourselves.



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