Day 487 Yurt & More Lobster

We slept in a yurt.  It was an experience. At night Dan and I raced to the toilet block in the dark, hearing coyotes in the distance, slightly terrified because there might be coyotes or moose about.  In the morning I held on as long as I could because it was cold.  Dawn was spectacular.  Dan missed it; he chose to remain buried under the covers.  I read my book for an hour.

After breakfast I Skyped Rob; it was his birthday a few weeks ago and I needed his advice about his experience transitioning from fellowship to consultant work.  We’re already more than halfway through our stay in Canada and I’ve got to make concrete plans for work next year; it’s time to book our flights home.

We spent the day driving back down the South/East side of Cape Breton, hiking about some falls somewhere and seeing so many more glorious trees that we got fall fatigue and stopped taking photos.

We had time to get back into Halifax and get dinner at The Bicycle Thief, a popular place we weren’t able to get into on Saturday.  The serves were generous and we were quickly stuffed.  We lasted the flight back to Toronto without needing to eat anything else.  Security let us take our self-blacksmithed coat hooks in our carry-on baggage.  I bought Mum a candle stick holder too.

Dan drove about 1300 km over the weekend.  I made sure I got plenty of naps as fatigue kills.  It was a good trip.


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