Day 491 Winter Is Coming

Dan’s got a head cold and gave it to me, so I woke up sneezing in the middle of the night.  We slept in this morning.  I was glad to have signed up to today’s Ontario Association of Radiologists’ Breast Imaging Symposium 2014 CME Webcast. I was able to watch the presentations while finishing off our wedding favours (hangover kits filed with useful things like ibuprofen and Tic Tacs as well as animal mounted police key rings).  We made burgers for lunch, I had a quick nap then we caught up with Pete & Royden.  We ate a quick dinner with Royden on Yonge St, at Ginger, then Royden drove us all out toward Mississauga somewhere to the ski show.  I got some new ski pants (last year I made the mistake of buying pants that were far to big and spent the season constantly pulling them up as they fell down, and kicking snow out of the rolled up ankles).  I now have bright orange overalls, that fit. Royden got gloves.  Pete bought a onesie.  He almost bought orange overalls too (that would make three of us in orange!). It was good to spend time with Pete & Royden; we’ve all somehow been busy and hardly seen each other for weeks.


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