Day 492 Getting Ready

Today was a long day.  I woke up at 6 am and did abs downstairs in the exercise room.  Just after 8 am we took the lift downstairs to Pete & Royden’s; we had an appointment at 10 am with the event planner at Konzelmann Estate to do a “run through” for the wedding.  Royden had offered to drive us down, as he had a car for the weekend.  We took the boxes of wedding favours and our Wedding License (I almost threw it into the recycling yesterday, mistaking the envelope for opened mail).  After a quick brunch in St Catharine’s Royden drove us up to the Corbetts Ski & Snowboard Shop in Oakville; rather than feel pressured to buy sale boots at the snow show Dan had taken their business card and we made the trip to the regular store.  We were fitted with boots.  On the way back downtown we hit the Outlet Stores; Pete needed to check something at a homewares store called Restoration Hardware.  Royden had replaced his old down jacket last week with a Nobis jacket, that I really liked.  As I’m going to give Mum my Canada Goose jacket next week (she’ll freeze at the wedding and could do with one at home) I justified buying myself a new down jacket today. I can’t believe Dan let me! I’ll be working extra protocol shifts this week I think…

Ski Boot Fitting

Dan got a brusque young salesperson and I had a senior authoritative salesperson who smelled of cigarettes.  Our feet were measured: my left foot was 0.5 cm longer than my right.  I have wide feet relative to length so need boots with a greater “Last”.  Each salesperson brought us a choice of two boots.  Men’s boots come in red & black or black & red.  Or green.  I learned how to put my boots on; not how I’ve been putting them on all last year.  I had no idea you were meant to dorsiflex with a plié to push your heel toward the back before clamping down the clips on the mid and forefoot.  Our boots were heated, and we got wool/silk socks to wear in them.  At the checkout I picked up some boot bags on sale.  Dan’s already packed our gloves, goggles and his helmet into the bags.  We’re all set.  Now to wait for it to start snowing.


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