Day 465 A Thousand Papercuts

I walked home tonight.  It was not raining and the chilly weather and evening sun made me think, “Oh! It might be nice to walk home!” What a stupid idea.  The 20 minute walk never felt so long. I only had 5.5 hours sleep last night.  I was the only Fellow in MRI today so spent the whole day being constantly interrupted by telephone calls, monitored cases, ultrasound scan checks etc. that I felt like I was slow bleeding from a thousand paper cuts.  I find it terrifying when people talk about errors made after interruptions or quoting average time to refocus concentration after an interruption to work because my whole work day is one interruption after the next.  I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Tonight we picked up our suits.  We walked down.  I regretted having walked home because I was hungry.  Carrying the suits we made it across the road before I saw a picture of noodles through a shop window and we ventured in to eat dinner.  Horrible food.  The hard plastic staircase had the same greasy texture as Chinatown in Sydney, where you could easily slip if you didn’t step carefully.  We had bought three dishes, with the idea of takeaway so I didn’t have to eat salad for lunch tomorrow but that’s not going to happen.  The Szechuan noodles was Canadian bland.

Daniel has somehow cleaned the apartment even more today.  I infer it has something to do with Pete’s vacuum that is in the doorway.  People arrived today for the wedding but we won’t see anybody until tomorrow night.

Cycle to work.
Cycle to work.

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