Day 496 Arrivals

We welcomed our first group of arrivals tonight: Sophia and K, Lyndall, Phil and Dyl.  Dan had organised dinner at our place at 18:00.  I left work at 17:54.  It had been a long day.  I’d had lunch across the road under the MaRS building with Ur, thankful for the respite.  K has grown up so much; she’s now got adult maxillary incisors.  I looked around our apartment and realised we had no toys suitable for small children but found the Babushka wooden thing I’d bought at Pride (for Mum), and Dylan was endless occupied with dismantling and reassembling the wooden dolls within dolls.  Thankfully Dan had recorded Frozen on the DVR and Netflix has a Kids channel.  Dan cooked chicken pasta for dinner, and made sorbet from scratch for dessert.  As the evening progressed I regretted not having taken the entire of next week off as annual leave.

Dan’s been sneezing all week, with a sore throat.  Today my eyes got scratchy and my nasopharynx inflamed.  I hope I don’t get sick for the wedding.  That would not be optimal.  I get to see my Mum next week!


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