Day 498 Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Corn maze

We started the day briskly walking through a maze in a corn field.  It was made fun by watching Dylan, Age 4, spend the entire two hours shrieking with delight as he followed the leading adult, or was allowed to lead (then went in circles), or was surprised by Royden running around a loop to leap out from a corner.  It was a cool morning, overcast and we were in shade between the corn stalks.  Kittens roamed free and sometimes emerged from the corn, to follow us.  We drove into Chinatown for lunch and had dim sum.  It was a perfect day activity to involve friends-with-a-kid and friends-without-a-kid.  But tiring on the day we had planned to go out dancing.  I only managed a half-hour nap in the afternoon, as Dan had set an alarm to drive out to the airport and pick up his Dad.

Buck’s Night

2014-10-25 18.49.05-1

We had a sedate dinner at the not too shabby Joey’s at the Eaton Centre.  I’d booked a private dining room, which is downstairs and was a good choice for the 31 people we ended up having.  They had a bar area where we mingled and bought drinks, seeing faces we’d not seen for years.  The waitstaff were assertive, introducing themselves and taking our jackets.  It was a good venue in the end, even with the sports games on the screens behind the bar (I think they’d thought it was somebody’s birthday on our booking).

Dinner came and went. We moved on to Woody’s, then Buddies.  Drinks were bought for me, and I needed sleep, so walked home with Bec.  The rest went on to Fly.

I’m not sure who’s camera we took all the group photos with.  They’ll turn up.


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