Day 505 Flurries!

I set my alarm for 07:00. Mum and Aunty Gaye were scheduled to fly out to Seattle, for a few days.  At 07:01 I heard the lift chime, doors open, and a quiet knock on the door.  Mum and Aunty Gaye were at our door, with their suitcases and our carry-on bags (we lent them our wheelie carry-on bags for this 4-day trip).  John and Helen were behind them.  I was confused. Why were there so many people at our door? John and Helen don’t leave until this evening; had they already checked out of their suite downstairs as well!?  I had planned on waking up to answer the door, give Mum a peck on the cheek as they dropped their suitcases and grabbed a coffee, and then left for the airport… so I could go back to bed! Their car wasn’t booked until 08:00. The Scarparo-Lo wifi hotspot for immediate family who don’t need sleep was apparently already open for another day’s business (Dan managed to sleep through). I never got back to bed.

By 09:00 Mum and Aunty Gaye were safely at the airport, and back on Facebook.  I saw flurries outside: winter has begun.  I raced downstairs to let John and Helen know, knocking on their door but their was no response.  The door was unlocked.  I opened it.  Both John and Helen were crouched down at the window, noses to the glass, watching the snow fly about.  Super excited.

We spent the day with John & Helen; we caught a cab to Queen St West where we got croissants and coffee at Nadège for a late breakfast.  Anna joined us for a coffee as well.  We then walked through the park up Argyle St to Ossington, got more coffee at Crafted, then walked along College, through Little Italy.  We ate lunch at a corner cafe with the slowest service imaginable.  There was a televised mens’ skating competition on large screens around the venue.  We’d all occasionally gasp loudly when the skater slipped. John got an espresso with grappa.  He was happy.  We walked back through the UoT grounds, flurries and ice-cold wind blowing about our frozen faces. Back to the gym tomorrow.  Ski season starts soon.




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