Days 518 & 519 Where It’s Below Zero


Work was busy but didn’t seem so.  I ate my lunch (salad…. yum) mid-morning.  I tried to be a good Samaritan and offered to pick up morning coffees downstairs at Tim Hortons.  Kirsten wanted a clear tea.  What on earth is a “clear” tea!? They didn’t have “clear” tea.  They had “steeped” tea.  Did she want milk or sugar?  I had no idea!  Michelle wanted a lemon green tea.  They had honey lemon tea, or green tea.  Did she want milk and sugar?  Who puts milk or sugar in green tea!?  Isabella wanted a medium coffee with sweetener and milk and a shot of espresso.  The rapidly lengthening line behind me was audibly frothing at the mouth.  I carried the four drinks back upstairs to find that my medium French Vanilla with an espresso shot was a hot chocolate!  Moral of the story: send the resident to get coffee.

Friday evening Dan had invited Antony over for dinner; Dave and Josh are visiting relatives back home.  I made martinis and we ate a delicious chicken pie and lemon pudding.  It was good to catch up with Antony.  He’s been here 5 months and we’ve barely seen each other.  He’d been up since 4:30 (suckers shipped their pet cats over from Australia) so we had an early night.


We ate breakfast at Julian’s.  Somehow we’re being unusually sociable with all our neighbours. Perhaps it’s the sudden cold turn in the weather.  Julian cooked up way too much food for breakfast and we rolled out.  Pete & Royden wore onesies.  We need onesies.

I cycled into work, as they are preparing University Ave for the Christmas parade tomorrow.  I did protocolling for two hours, which flew by.  After cycling home and a quick nap (it’s Saturday!) Julian, Dan and I went to the gym.  The Bloor Park Goodlife was busy.  We had to wait forever to use a lat pull-down machine.  It was a good workout now, though we’ve eaten dinner and are ready for bed at 19:30.  Julian’s gone out.  I don’t think I will be awake after 8 pm.


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