Day 520 Sunday

There were so many dance parties in Toronto last night I felt even more guilty for staying home, on the couch, watching Netflix for five hours.  We finished another season of The Mindy Project.  Slowly, during the evening, I began to lose power in my upper limbs.  My afternoon biceps, back and legs workout must have been good.  I didn’t have trouble falling asleep last night.

The garbage chute is out of service.  It’s been out of service a lot this week.  I think that when one of the three bins (trash, organic, recycling) is full (pretty quickly in a 42-floor building) it is out of service until somebody moves a new bin into the catchment area.  The immediate effect is that the resident has to make a choice.  You either grumble and take your rubbish back to your unit, which is what I do.  Or, like some of our neighbours, you ignore the sign advising not to leave rubbish in front of the chute, and you stink out the refuse room with dumped garbage bags.  Apocalyptic film sets are quickly achieved as there are 12 units on our floor.  I hope whoever leaves rubbish there intends to return to dispose of it, not thinking it’s somebody else’s problem now.  At least there are no bags of nappies on this floor, like our last floor.  I used to bring in my neighbours’ wheelie bins, on Bin Day.  I’m conflicted about whether to throw out my neighbours’ trash here.  I don’t know them.  If they intend to return I’d waste their time clearing up their mess.  If they don’t intend to return, I’m not clearing up after them.  It’s a First World Problem, for sure.

We bought our house in Perth about 7 years ago.  There was a crack in the front fence.  It’s a strata property.  I’d heard about Strata Title in High School and thought it a terrible inconvenience.  Little did I know.  It’s taken 7 years of constant to-and-fro at Strata Meetings, and me giving up and leaving the country, for the other 7 owners to agree on a style of repair, a budget, and quotes.  Hopefully by the time we return in July the fence will be fixed.  A few years ago I gave up on the fence getting fixed and planted rosemary cuttings along the footpath.  Before she died, Dan’s mum helped make us lattice behind the fence, which is now blanketed in vines.  I’ve been follow up their growth on Google Maps.  It will look different when we return home.

Today we saw Big Hero 6, at Dundas Cineplex.  I liked it.  Understated narrative, a range of emotive sequences, and plenty of laughs.


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