Day 521 Break Out The Down Jackets

Day 521 Winter
Day 521 Winter

Time to by a TTC monthly card; no more cycling until next year.  It was below zero Celsius this morning so I finally gave up and donned my down jacket.  I caught the subway to work, and read my ebook.  Work was busy.  We had an appointment this evening for booster vaccinations, so I caught the Queen St streetcar in the pitch dark, shortly after 5 pm.  Winter has only just started and I’m already depressed.  Dan cooked a delicious risotto for dinner.  He was overjoyed that I had a second helping (he’s tried cooking a few new dishes lately which I haven’t been keen on ever eating again).  It’s Christmas in little over a month.  We still haven’t booked our New Year’s week travel!  What happened to the year!?


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