Day 522 Date Night

In Australia: see the sunrise, clear blue skies, it’s a bit chilly on the balcony: it’s going to be a scorching hot day, don’t bother wearing a tie.  The less clothing the better.

In Canada: see the sunrise, clear blue skies, it’s a bit chilly on the balcony: cycle to work and your face freezes off and you can’t feel your feet by the time you get to work because it’s actually -7ºC.

Work was steady today but I got to re-scan a few cases and we finished on time (on a Tuesday!) so all was good.  I was horrified at the lunchtime rounds with not one but two doctors answering their telephones in the middle of somebody’s presentation and not leaving the room.  Manners have disintegrated so much now that nobody cares to put pagers or cell phones on silent and vibrate; we just have to listen to the blasted thing loudly beeping as they make a blasé attempt to find where they left it.  If anybody answers a phone and continues with a conversation while I’m presenting the fetal pathology rounds on Monday I’ll stop my presentation and wait for what is apparently a more important conversation than the rest of the entire room of colleagues.  Either that or I’ll walk over to the rude person and ask how long they’ll be, as I’ll go make myself a cup of tea while the rest of the room waits for them.

Dan SMS texted me shortly before five, asking when I’d be home. I hadn’t confirmed whether I’d stay back and do more CT protocolling (I think I’ve paid off my ski boots, now have to pay off his ski boots).  We quickly arranged an impromptu Date Night: he booked a table at 20:00 at a Mexican restaurant on King St West that was advertised on my Facebook page over the weekend, and I stayed back 2.5 hours.  My university friend, Eva, has almost finished our Australian tax returns.  Dan is going to get a tax bill but hopefully I’ll get a tax refund and things will even out.  We could afford to eat out tonight, fingers crossed.

We caught the subway home (no way was I walking in my new work shoes and the sub zero temperature with such  gusty wind).  The newly renovated Union Station platform had a cute graffiti: somebody added a C and an R either side of the O: UNICORN.

UNICORN Station!

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