Day 523 Living In A Snow Globe

Day 523 Hooray for snow!
Day 523 Hooray for snow!

Walking around today, especially this evening, was like living in a  snow globe, where a toddler has just thrashed it around a bit.  I got my snow boots out, and down jacket on and gleefully crunched my away toward work, almost slipping over when I took too big a step on College St.  I got up at six, and ran 3 km on the treadmill, only because Julian ran that far too.  I hate running and wouldn’t ever run that far without somebody to compete with.  I had more data to collect today, which was good.  Dan had a miserable failure with a new recipe tonight, so we got to walk down to Yonge St and eat pizza, which was glorious!

Dan made a YouTube compilation of our wedding ceremony, from our three friends kindly holding an iPhone, a GoPro and Dan’s SLR on a tripod:


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