Days 524 – 527 Movember

Thursday I thought it was Friday.  I was rostered in TGH CT in the morning and then back across the road in the afternoon.  In between I grabbed a quick lunch underneath the MaRS building with Ur.  The wind on University Ave was gusty and cold.  Rounds after work was on Hepatic Perfusion Abnormalities and went twenty minutes over. My brain was more than full. It was dark and I was exhausted by the time I left for home.

Friday was productive: Kirsten and I watched a webcast of the morning’s guest speaker for Virtual Autopsy while the sonographers started scanning the day’s cases. This enabled us to attend the lecture, without having to race between hospital buildings when the first cases were ready for reporting.  In between cases I prepared the cases for Monday afternoon’s Gynae Onc rounds; I’d already made two Powerpoint presentations for the Monday lunchtime Fetal Pathology rounds.  So many meetings!

Saturday I had planned on attending the Fetal Doppler Day of the 2.5 day Update program at MSH but when I arrived (I intentionally skipped the initial housekeeping and introductory presentations in favour of waking up at a reasonable time for a Saturday) there were no seats free and I faced either standing at the back, pushing my way through an almost full auditorium to find that single empty seat in the middle of a row, or sitting on the stairs like two others had chosen.  I chose to help Dan buy groceries.  Stupid mistake.  Dan hates grocery shopping, gets very irritable, and I get bored and wander off in search of bacon, which makes Dan tear his hair out.

Dan spent the afternoon cooking for tonight’s roast dinner with neighbours and last night’s pot luck at the Metser-Friedman’s.  I helped by standing back.  Except when a few things went terribly wrong, and I was allowed to assist.  I cleared my emails and updated my Powerpoint presentation key conditions notes (from my fellowship exams but in preparation for ever needing to talk on a particular topic or teach, I update them whenever I learn something new, or see a good case).

Dinner last night was good but we were all exhausted. Ur and I had last minute planned dinner to congratulate Israel and Alastair on their Movember moustaches.  It’s been a long week for everybody. I had the longest sleep in a  long time, 10 hours, but I dreamed my new roster had come out and I was ward covering (back at RPH) all over the place, including ICU.  Never mind that its’ been 6 years since I covered inpatient admissions or at least two years since I had to site an IVC.  In my dream I turned over page after page of inpatient lists, writing notes on what needed to be done and sighing at the lack of handover or adequate forward planning from the day team and last night’s cover.  I was then driving around the city in a jeep that morphed into a bicycle… it was a relief to wake up.


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