Day 528 Wind

I tried to cycle home tonight.  Abdo Fellow rounds were cancelled so I was joyous as I left PMH, after the Gynae Onc rounds.  My stomach was rumbling and I was eager to get home.  Wind was swirling leaves up across University Ave and the ground was wet.  It wasn’t too cold.  I thought I’d cycle home.  Impatient drivers of 4WD vehicles pushed in front of each other and accelerated fast past me as I wobbled North up through Queens Park.  The wind gusts would cause my front wheel to swerve and I hoped that I wouldn’t get clipped by a car as they played leap-frog with each other, roaring past to close the 20 metre gap to stopped traffic at the lights ahead.  I have no idea what they thought they were going to achieve, as there was nowhere to go. Horns blared.  I swore, loudly into the wind. Bloor St was worse.  I struggled to control my bicycle and, by Bay St intersection, I gave up and walked home.

Two more days of work this week until the end of this month for me and I get to change hospital sites after 2 days of vacation.  I’m looking forward to our Thanksgiving break in NYC and the parade for some shop called Macy’s.  Even though it’s only been a few months I’m catching up with 2 of last year’s Abdo Fellows in Chicago, at RSNA.  It’ll be good to see how they’re going.



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