Christmas Presents On A Budget: DIY Snowman Kit

We weren’t going to buy anybody Christmas presents this year, as our post-wedding budget is tight; Dan’s leave from the Zoo is over and his supplementary income depends on when he gets work offers through his online proof-reading business.  He works tirelessly, mostly on his second book (which has finally been submitted, and accepted) and a million paid and unpaid smaller projects.  It was difficult to resist buying things that before I wouldn’t have thought twice about being able to afford.  We’ve prioritised our spending on travel.  I saw the best experiential and Canadian-themed present in Roots: a Snowman Kit.  It had a fabric carrot nose, a pipe for the mouth, two buttons for eyes, and a scarf, all in a neat little cloth bag.  It was priced at C$50.  When the rent comes out of our checking account this week and then Dan’s income this month pays for our current VISA balance we’ll be at $0 available funds.  I decided to be thrifty and make my own Snowman Kits, which would be more valuable for the effort of having assembled them myself.

Canadian Snowman Kit
Canadian Snowman Kit

I’ve not been able to find plastic carrots anywhere so will have to buy some real ones later this week.

Moustaches are available anywhere.
Moustaches are available anywhere.

We wandered into a games/gift store in Yorkville and saw some hilarious moustaches for only $8.99.

Buttons for only $1.25 at Dollarama.
Buttons for only $1.25 at Dollarama.

I love buttons.   Had to resist buying a packet in each colour, just to fill glass jars with buttons.

Sandwhich bags: $1.25 at Dollarama.
Sandwhich bags: $1.25 at Dollarama.

I had fun cutting out labels and assembling items into plastic bags.  I was born to work in an assembly line.  I cut a single scarf into four, keeping the length but trimming the excess width.

What else makes a snowman?
What else makes a snowman?

Haven’t decided what the missing component will be.  Something unique for each person.  Maybe it’s just snow!

Snowman boxes at Dollarama: $1.50 each!
Snowman boxes at Dollarama: $1.50 each!

Total Cost for 4 kits: $13.28

Boxes: 4. x $1.50 = $6

Buttons: $1.25

Scarf: $2.00

Sandwich bags: $1.25

Gift tags: $1.25

13% HST: $1.53

Carrots: Hope they’re some in the fridge!



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