Day 554 Waffles, Christmas Shopping, Gym & Christmas Markets

I slept in.  It was glorious, until Julian woke me up, knocking on our front door, probably in revenge for me SMS texting him just after six am (I woke up and went to the toilet): Morning! I had then promptly gone back to sleep for three hours until he returned the favour. He had planned to walk along Bloor St, browsing for Christmas shopping but also to get some new bathers for next week’s trip to Puerto Rico.  I went along, for moral support, plus I wanted to find something for Daniel, as I’d noticed on our credit card statement that he’d been shopping at Snakes & Lattes, a board game café. Id’ thought we weren’t meant to get anybody Christmas presents this year.  When I’d queried the expense he pretended it didn’t exist.


Christmas shopping!

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Julian was successful in finding new bathers, after trying on a rack of items at Winners, a clearance shop.  I’d found a helmet for skiing (I need one, as it’s compulsory for lessons) but it wasn’t on sale so I didn’t buy it.  I also found bathers and a new ski jacket that were great, but weren’t on sale either and I wasn’t shopping for me so they all went back onto the racks.



Dan received news this week that his second book has been accepted for publication, the same publisher as the first book.  I’m so proud. He’s been pining for years for a Hermés scarf, a luxury item we saw once in an airport that he really wanted but balked at the price tag.  Who could afford such a thing!? Julian and I wandered into the Hermés store on Bloor and I saw a scarf in a subtle blue/grey design.  I thought, maybe it’s time to buy Dan a single ridiculously over priced brand item so we searched for the price tag.  He single-handedly organised our wedding and has now got his second book accepted for publication.  Definitely time for a celebration.  There were at least 1.5 staff per customer in the store so we were quickly descended upon by a woman who was made me laugh (normally sales assistants make me angry; after having worked in retail throughout Medical School I have high expectations and a low tolerance for blasé attitudes and spouting hackneyed phrases without waiting to listen to the response) who kindly went and found out the price.  $1200!  We could buy flights and accommodation and food for a 4-day mini break to another province in Canada for the price of a piece of fabric!  I wasn’t ready to accept that as an acceptable exchange and almost laughed in her face and run out of the store but Julian stayed and asked about other colours.  I wanted to ask, “Does this come with a train?  Which I could also afford!” One day.

After a nap I went to the gym and did a circuit of chest/biceps/triceps/shoulders.  Just before 4 pm I caught the subway then a streetcar down to the Distillery District with Bec & Alastair where we met a colleague of Bec’s and her husband.  We walked around a very crowded Christmas Markets.  There were two freshly married couples having wedding photos in the freezing cold.  We drank hot chocolates and I bought an enormous turkey leg, which thankfully Bec & Alastair helped me to eat.  I found some nice small Christmas presents for Dan.  Carollers were singing (Christmas carols) with audience participation.  I made the best Dad joke over (I can’t wait to have kids) by yelling out, “Hi Carol!” when we’d first walked past a group of female carollers and Alastair had pointed out a “bunch of Carollers”.  This elicited groans from Bec & Alastair and confusion from Bec’s colleague, wondering how I knew them.  I suggested that perhaps they were a bunch of Susans, which was even worse.



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