Day 559 Christmas Day 2014

We enjoyed a relaxed Christmas Day.  Unlike last year’s thermal bath in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon we just had an overcast cold but no snow or ice day in Toronto.  I woke up at 04:30 at first, unable to get back to sleep until 05:30 (I was a bit excited it was Christmas, and I had a day off from work).  We slept in until almost 09:00.  Donna, Daniel and I sat under our tree and exchanged presents.  Dan gave me a the new version of Pandemic where the players are now the disease, Contagion.  Donna bought me socks, from the National Gallery in Ottawa.  Rodin and Van Gogh designs.  I think there was chocolate somewhere in there too.

In the morning Dan cooked for our lunch with Bec & Alastair, I played Diablo III and enjoyed the 100% XP bonus, levelling up almost 10 levels.  At 13:00 we took our roast vegetables downstairs and a moist sticky date pudding and joined our Aussie orphan neighbours for lunch.  It was a relaxed afternoon, without definite plans or commitments which made it all the more glorious.  We played board games for several hours afterwards, before flaking out on the floor and couch and watching YouTube videos of The Catharine Tate Show.

Dirty Minds

We played Dirty Minds first, a board game that Julian had given me for Christmas.  The concept was good: clues filled with innuendo are given and you have to resist the obvious answer and guess the slightly lateral but appropriate and not-dirty answer.  The instructions were ambiguous and frustrating and the clues, not at all helpful.  We persisted until somebody won and were all glad it was over.  Hopefully Julian won’t be too disappointed if we don’t bring it out again.


The instructions for Contagion were detailed and it took a lot of concentration to get going.  I was the only person interested in the game to start and we almost had a munity before the first round was over.  I was glad everybody hung in there; by the time I won (I won! I won!) we were all hooked.  Definitely packing that to Puerto Rico!

Sushi Go

Bec & Alastair gave Dan and I a simple card game from a little game store on Yonge St, based on collecting different sushi cards one at a time from your hand, which you pass on after taking a card out.  It was much quicker to learn than Contagion but equally as fun.  We played a few rounds I think.  It’s already in the bag to take to Puerto Rico too.


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