Day 561 A Much Needed Break

I didn’t sleep in Saturday because Donna left. I’d finished my last night of on call for 2014.  I staggered out of bed, following Dan as he drove her to Billy Bishop City Airport. It was dark when they hugged goodbye. He drove us home and back to bed. My week off had begun!

We woke up just before ten and walked down Church St to Smith. Julian was keen to meet up for brunch. The cute waiter was there again and remembered Dan was from Australia, having previously enquired about our accents when there had been a whole table of us. I had intended to get waffles but changed my mind last minute and regretted it.

In the afternoon we packed and sorted out banking and other menial household chores. We walked across Bloor St to Goodlife with Julian, a last ditch effort to get in shape for our beach vacation this week in San Juan. Julian and I did shoulders and legs. Dan was missing a glove so I lent him one of mine.

Ur & Izz were free in the evening so we caught the subway and bus up to their house, after the kids went to bed, and ate a sharp cheddar cheese and crackers before teaching them our two newest favourite board games. Izz liked Contagion better than Sushi Go; Ur didn’t like either. We caught a cab home and contemplated sleep but it was Saturday night and we’d previously promised Kev and Adam we’d go out on Church St with them for a bit before the year’s end, so I had a coffee and we got changed. It was a good night.




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