Day 568 It’s Snowing!

It was a shock to wake up, look out our 40th floor apartment windows and watch fat snowflakes falling towards an increasingly white blanket onto the ground below.  No sunshine.  No beach sand.  No piña coladas.

When Julian dropped by our apartment for some reason and I bemoaned our empty fridge and that we need to buy a lot of groceries he asked if we wanted to go to Costco, as he’d have to drive near there while dropping his parents’ car back off.  I’d just spent the few remaining hours of the morning finishing off the draft Powerpoint scientific poster presentation for the SAR conference in San Diego in March and needed to get out of the house before I went loopy.  So we went.

Day 568 More Snow
Day 568 More Snow

Shopping trolleys were freezing cold and lined with snow, which melted onto the aisle floors.  The carpark was as full as it was when we went when it wasn’t snowing.  We bought a month’s supply of meat as well as a lot of things we didn’t know we’d needed; I’d only written “compost bin bags, chicken” as my list of things to buy.  On the way back we had lunch at a place called Pretzel or Pumpkin something in a giant shopping mall, where I bought a ski helmet (lime green, to match my red ski boots and traffic cone orange ski pants) on sale.  Now to get something blue and something purple and I’ll be a rainbow skiing down the slopes.

Shopping trolley in Canada.
Shopping trolley in Canada.

In the evening we met Pete & Royden (haven’t seen them for weeks) at Dundas Cineplex and watched Into the Woods. I’d had no idea it was going to be a musical but I liked it anyway.  I usually find musicals annoying because people break out into song instead of talking (which Daniel found impossible to believe given the number of musicals that we like and perhaps own the soundtracks too and maybe danced along to at our wedding).  The script/lyrics were sufficiently ridiculous and amusing and the performances (especially Streep’s) were engaging that we were all entertained, along with the rest of the almost full Theatre #2.

Splashing through the slush on the way home (it rained all evening, melting the fresh snow into white and brown slush) I realised I needed my warm clothes again.


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