Day 569 Goodbye Holidays

As it is the last day of my week-long holiday I went back to bed when I woke up at 7 and decided against going to the gym with Julian because it was Sunday and he hadn’t SMS messaged, “Where are you?” meaning he too was probably keen on piking.  I didn’t wake up for another three hours.  Glorious.  Makes up for the 5 hour sleep on Friday night.  It was a rare occasion that Dan had already got out of bed before me; usually I’m already gone to work or physically trying to kick Daniel out of bed (so that I’m not the first one up). He was full of beans, having already got up, made breakfast (for himself, nothing left over for me), and started on his edits for his second book, Burning Blood.  His argument for me to get out of bed wasn’t convincing: “Get up! Get up! Get up!” while lying on top of me like a marine iguana family in the Galápagos (it’s my new favourite animal impression to amuse myself while Dan is sleeping; clamber across the bed like a marine iguana looking for a position to sun bake).

I spent the morning clearing emails and working on this year’s research project (going through the data worksheet and tagging cases for exclusion, reducing the initially plump total case number to a less impressive number).

Our bags finally arrived in Toronto yesterday, 12 hours after we did, with a confused American Airlines ground crew calling my cellphone asking how we’d flown from Miami to Toronto, sans baggage.  Surely the barcode sticker with our connecting flight number on it revealed the WestJet flight was the answer to her question?  Dan’s TravelPro carry on was thankfully next to my Samsonite carry on and both were surrendered to WestJet then delivered to our building in the evening.  Our damp beach clothes and beach towels not yet mouldy.  More loads of washing today.

Daniel de Lorne at work.
Daniel de Lorne at work.

I went with Dan to Goodlife this afternoon and did his back workout.  A new workout exhausted me, even though the individual sets weren’t too challenging.  I went home and slept.

We were atypically spontaneous today and invited Cam & Vincent over for pizza, as we’d not seen them for ages.  We made pizza.  They brought macarons and a jug of beer (called a “growler”) from a local independent brewery.  After pizza we played a game of Ticket to Ride. I was sleepy and struggled to remember where the American cities were.  I had my cards organised (facedown) in rainbow order, which wasn’t particularly effective concealment.  It didn’t make much difference.  Vincent won by half the board’s perimeter.

It’s only been a week off work but it’s felt like a whole summer.


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