Day 570 Back to Work

I was miserable having to get out of bed and go to work this morning.  It was dark, with sub zero temperatures outside with icy roads and face-freezing wind chill.  In contrast it was 45ºC in Perth today and gardens baked.  I woke up several times overnight with my right shoulder teres muscles having swollen into one giant painful knot after yesterday’s workout at the gym: I could barely move my right arm all day.  Thankfully work wasn’t too busy and I got a whole heap of data entry done in between cases.  I scanned my shoulder during lunch and thankfully didn’t see what felt like a big haematoma. We sat in the hot tub for 15 minutes tonight to relax.

Dan cooked a delicious risotto for dinner and we watched a new feature film, Pride, based on miners’ strikes in Thatcher UK 30 years ago.  It was a bit of a tear-jerker.


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