Day 573 My Face is Frozen

Today is bitingly cold.  It’s negative something ridiculous (anything below zero Celsius is ridiculously cold for an Aussie) plus there is an awful gusty wind that freezes your face and ears should your stupid jacket hood keeping blowing off because your glove-covered fat fingers are too bulky to fiddle with the press-stud buttons and you’re ataxic before having had a coffee and you’re rushing to the subway to get to work.  I spent the morning at MSH ultrasound and the afternoon at PMH MRI, before wandering back next door after work for Thursday rounds. I had a headache from lunchtime onward (again, plus sneezing so maybe it’s not a brain tumor after all) which resisted medication bought from the Rexall’s in the MSH ground floor.  Dan is out somewhere with Julian (it’s Julian’s birthday today) so I came home to a dark, empty apartment and reheated some soup for my dinner.

The benefits of working in an academic institution.

Earlier in the week an interesting obstetric ultrasound case sparked a discussion between the reporting staff (KK) and myself.  I spent the evening on PubMed downloading relevant review articles and case reports and this morning, in between reporting cases (that arrived sporadically and annoyingly, all just before I was meant to leave for lunch) we had an animated fiesta searching for similar cases, discussing potential research ideas and their clinical impact.  This experience was partly why I chose back-to-back academic clinical fellowships in Toronto; it was a deficit from my specialist training in Australia.  The main reasons were of course to move to the opposite side of the planet (to see what Canada is like) and to learn to ski (which I’d expected to hate but don’t). No matter what hospital you work in there is always bread and butter work grind, departmental politics etc.  I may have got carried away and created a data entry sheet and was searching the hospital intranet staff lists for potential collaborators from other specialties before clinical work got in the way and ruined my morning.

I had planned to have lunch with Ur but didn’t get out on time, despite my best efforts of having pre-reviewed ultrasound images while the sonographers were still writing up their provisional reports.  We had a few interesting-ish cases which made the morning fun too.  I was sad that Michelle is moving to Calgary after next Friday as I enjoy working with her.  I already had to say goodbye to Chantelle, who is moving to Brisbane of all places.  Too soon it will be my turn to leave – our return flights are booked in 6 months minus 2 days.

Being back in PMH MRI Abdo reporting stuffy crowded box of dust and computer tower heat (the air conditioning doesn’t circulate much in there) had me sneezing (hopefully from the dust and not from a head cold) but smiling because the technical and clerical staff were (at least outwardly appearing to be) happy to see me back.  We had some interesting cases, including the follow up from a bizzare ultrasound case I’d had a few weeks back.

Early to bed for me tonight.






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