Day 574 You Win Some


Something bit me in the middle of the night. I woke up with multiple itchy bites on my left shoulder and initially worried about those little white tail spiders and redbacks. Then I remembered we were in Canada so if it’s not a moose it won’t kill you. After a half hearted attempt at looking for spiders and scorpions while Daniel his his face under a pillow with a cry of anguish at the light being turned on I went back to sleep.

The moon was still up when I left for work. It was still bitterly cold and my face stung walking to the subway. It has snowed overnight and my winter shoes crunched on the ground.


Work was productive. I was at MSH US with K and we slammed through the cases. In between we updated each other with interesting cases and caught up on admin things. At lunch I had a research meeting with Tae. Poster for SAR is due next week and almost complete. Manuscript for last year’s project is almost ready.

We had some interesting cases and I got follow up on an emergency case I’d reported on Boxing Day. I made the right call. Made up for yesterday’s follow up.


Raced home after work and we caught the subway to York Mills, crammed in with other passengers, buffeted by our puffy jackets. We ate dinner before heading towards Blue Mountain.

As soon as we left the restaurant Dan needed to pee. Julian’s parents live close by. We dropped in to use their bathroom. We left with Julian borrowing his brother’s boots, two emergency blankets, a bag of oranges and Julian’s brother! He needed a lift to the train station.



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