Day 576 Skiing Twice in One Weekend

Pete cooked breakfast for everybody this morning.  Our stomachs were full by the time we got our butts into ski pants and down to the chair lift.  You’d think staying in the ski village we’d be the first on the slopes, at opening.  Instead we got onto the lifts shortly after noon.  We skied in a 2.5 hour block, several blues.  It was warmer today, enough to take off our face covers.  I sweated under my jacket.

My new ski boots must still be breaking in, I hope.  I have a bruise on my right lower third shin, about 3 cm diameter.  It was exquisitely tender when I strapped my boots on in the apartment. There was no way I could walk in them.  Royden suggested the obvious solution: undo the ankle straps and wear the boots like shoes.  We did a green run to start off with, Happy Valley.  I was the slowest.  Dan likes to point his skies downhill and reaches the base hours before I eventually get there.  Julian was kind enough all weekend to stay with me, Alastair stayed with Bec.  Dan is always just off and running, without a look behind.

I had thought it would be my most expensive day skiing ever – one run, a day’s lift pass and ski hire for just one run – after I hobbled back toward the chairlift at the base.  Both my shins throbbed in pain.  I’ve danced with chafed inner thighs from my dance support, two shows a day, six days a week when I was a company dancer but this was meant to be a leisure activity!  I didn’t want to hold the group up and decided to ski back to the village and hit the hot tub.  Dan must have had enough skiing yesterday because he offered to ski back with me (we’d skied across the mountain to a different chair lift) and waited every 100 m for me to catch up.  Maybe it was the steeper blue run that we did, or I stood up in my boots more, relieving the pressure on my shins, but I had a great run, with no pain, and when we got to the base I was ready to go back up again.  We skied for 2.5 hr, most of which was spent in the queues for the chair lift. It was a busy day. One of the blue runs had a bunch of moguls at the top.  I didn’t realise the aim was to ski in between them and just plowed through them, sideways.

We paid for a late checkout; by 19:00.  I soaked in the hot tub downstairs from 15:00-15:25.  Bec, Pete and Royden had already been.  We packed our bags and headed back to Toronto.  Julian drove the 2 hours with Dan and I, Pete & Royden took Bec & Al.  It was a great full blown weekend mini break.  I’ll miss these guys when we go home.

Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain

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