Day 579 Academic Day

ANZAC biscuits
ANZAC biscuits

I had a productive day.  I had wanted to sleep in; there is a lurgy going around work (it’s the flu) and I wanted as much rest as I could.  Dan had set an alarm for 07:30, which woke me.  He fell back to sleep.  I didn’t.

I finished the manuscript edits for last year’s abdo project as well as a final proof read and upload of the poster for the San Diego conference in March.  I spent a few hours tidying up the data and data analysis Excel files for last year’s breast project as well.  I went to the gym with Daniel after lunch; we did legs.

After dinner I felt like ANZAC biscuits so I baked some.  I didn’t mix up baking powder with bicarbonate of soda this time so they were less frothy.


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