Day 582 Ski Day

It was dark when we woke. Dan’s alarm sounded first. I had already started waking up half an hour earlier when I realised it was morning and I had to pee but tried to keep sleeping. Unsuccessfully. Dan scrambled some eggs. I slipped in the shower but didn’t fall over. We piled into our ski gear and tumbled into the elevator. The doors opened at 27 and Julian stepped in. At 26 so did Bec and Al. Somewhere further down it stopped again and a woman stepped over Alastair’s skis to get in and tried to make conversation about how she will be skiing tomorrow. Canadians are weirdly friendly. Not as much as Americans.


Julian drove to York Mills and had offered to drive everybody but Bec & Al wanted to get on the bus at its first stop. It was snowing.


We got to the pickup point early enough to buy a coffee from the Second Cup. The guy is not good at multi tasking and really should focus on each task at hand, in sequence. I asked for a green tea and a double espresso and he made me such a long espresso it was a cup of brown dishwater. And no tea. Next time I’ll bring my vacuum flask. I miss my stove top coffee thing with freshly ground beans. That’s coffee.


High Park Ski Club had buses leaving as well as North Toronto Ski Club. We belong to the latter. The Bus Captain, the volunteer to check names and collect money and hand out lift tickets, asked for a volunteer Assistant. Dan volunteered. I was proud. There were a bunch of renters. We showed them where to go.


Julian napped on the way there. Bec & Al read books. Dan and I were on our devices. My battery drained fast.


It was a beautiful day. Snowflakes fell that actually were snowflakes like on TV! They are actually shaped like snowflake pictures make them out to be! Dan, Bec, Julian and I were in the same class. I felt balanced and confident today which was great for my technique and self esteem. It also helped me not crash when the other woman in our class, following me down the hill, decided to overtake me by skiing over my skis as I was turning. She did the same to Julian, without apology. There were a lot of self-centred skiers today. Especially on the 6-person lifts. You have to squeeze in, not stick your bum out and knock over the person next to you. Ugh.


We did a few runs with a few drills: dragging our poles with the tips in line with our toes and watching the base of the hill. A whole run of hockey stops. Bec’s first attempt she gently curved and fell gracefully uphill as her stop. I wished I had a GoPro on my helmet.


Lunch came quickly. It was very busy. Bec & Al had saved a table with their bags but it was so crowded a group of adolescents had taken it over. Fair enough. We found a table around the corner, eventually. Dan had brought sandwich ingredients and Vegemite scrolls. Alastair heated up soup on a camp stove on a chair. I was eager to get back out and left everybody inside to thaw. It was a bit chilly.


Eventually we all found each other in queue for the chair lifts, except Dan. His back hurt so he sat out. We crossed over from Mt St Louis to Moonstone, as the slopes might be better… It was more crowded but there was a nice gentle black (we were doing BLACKS!) we did a few times before crossing back.


I went inside to pee and check on Dan. He needed a Gatorade. I needed chips and gravy. One thing I look forward to moving home to Australia is fat chips, not these French fries they deign to call chips in Canada. Even fish & chips comes with fries. It’s not the same.


I forgot to pack Sushi Go so we didn’t get to play as a small après. Dan lay on the floor to stretch his back. After last weekend’s two days of skiing I felt like I could do more. I wasn’t ready to go home but my dry eyes are ready for my contacts to come out. Life is good.



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