Day 588 TGIF – Kubrik @ TIFF

I had planned on sleeping in and starting my day at a more reasonable time but my week of getting up early to go to the gym before work had already developed a routine and I woke up early anyway.  I decided to cook pancakes for breakfast before heading to work, knuckling down and tackling my long list of Things To Do: Academic Day.  I looked for Dan’s iPad for a recipe.  My phone was on my desk, on silent (it’s rarely not on silent) and it flashed with a message:

Good morning! Sorry for early am text, and last minute notice but I need to pull you from Academic today to cover TGH CT…

Bugger! Jen had looked terribly ill yesterday afternoon when she left work, sick.  I had been called to cover.  And it was already almost 8!  I showered, wolfed down some oats and raced to the subway.  Thankfully it wasn’t as busy as Wednesday and I had a chance to report a handful of MR’s.  I hadn’t had a lunch packed so I bought a chicken shawarma wrap from downstairs. The day passed relatively quickly but I was still glad to bolt out the door as soon as I had finished verifying my reports, keen for the weekend to start.

We’ve spent the last two nights at home, too tired to leave the house but tonight I made an effort, even though it’s Friday and five days clinical sessions in a row drained my stamina.  I met Dan at TIFF on King St and we bought tickets to see the Kubrick exhibition that has been open for so long we’ve almost missed it (closing Sunday!). The screen advertised that it was sold out until 21:00 but when we got to the register 2 tickets for 18:30 had opened up.  The exhibition space was cramped, despite the crowd control.  Guides were giving oral presentations about each film, which stopped the flow of people through the exhibit. We only took half an hour, pretty standard for us.  We took escalators and the lift to the fourth floor for the last bits and wondered how we’d missed HAL, from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Turns out the glass room off the main path had been an entire room we’d walked right past!  Thankfully we were allowed back in.  It was only -3ºC outside but the wind chill was freezing.  Dan had only worn his thin down pullover and had no gloves!  I lent him my down overcoat.

We caught the tram up Spadina to the subway and, for the first time since we moved here, there were ticket inspectors.  I still haven’t got around to getting a TTC Student Card (my UofT Student Card is insufficient ID to use a Student Metro Pass; it’s Canada and you need even more paperwork – I only found this out when I bought my last pass from the station).  My heart raced as I joined the crowd of passengers holding their cards and transfers in the air as we filed past disinterested station workers in fluorescent vests.  In Perth ticket inspection is a serious event; there is no escaping.  I was about to apologise when I realised that the inspector wasn’t even looking at me.  He was more interested in looking back at the tram to see how many more people were coming.

Hairspray is on TV tonight.  We’re not moving from the couch.  Dan is singing along, complete with actions.  This makes it difficult to type as he sings along to, “… he BUMPED me!”




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