Days 589 & 590 Upper Middle Bogan

I realised over the past week that I’ve developed several routines, some good, some neither good nor bad, and probably some that warrant improvement. It wasn’t until I made an effort to go Out Of The House on a Friday night that I remembered we are living on the other side of the planet in a different city to “home”. My life here has become routine. Things 500 days ago that tickled me pink with novelty (the milk selections at Starbucks, for instance) have become familiar. Canada is now less a quirky new country but a second home.  As I stood in the crowded streetcar travelling North up Spadina on Friday night, repeatedly bumped by idiots with their bags held like jousting poles, I recognized that I was no longer staring slack-jawed at the hilariously polite signs requesting people move, “A little farther back, please,” but grinding my teeth in irritation that I could read my ebook on my iPhone because the idiot in front of me kept knocking me sideways with his overcoat. And my jacket was too hot. And that man leaning his head on the pole was almost touching my hand. I missed my bicycle and my car.

This weekend though, we binge-watched 2 seasons of an Australian television comedy, Upper Middle Bogan. I’m a bit homesick for Australia now. I can’t wait until I get to touch the waxy leaves of the gum tree I planted in our front yard.


Last night we caught the elevator downstairs to 17 to Marcio & Eliano’s, who live next door to Pete & Royden, for their 4th wedding anniversary.  I haven’t been too well since Thursday morning, and spent much of yesterday hobbling and napping but managed to stay up until almost eleven.  Marcio & Eliano had cooked some delicious desserts.  Their pug was adorably affectionate with everybody and cried loudly every time a guest left.

This afternoon we played boardgames with Kyno and Chevo, two Torontonians from Mexico that we’ve met who also like to play boardgames.  We started with Ticket To Ride: Europe.  I won!  We then played Bohnanza! which we’ve not played since leaving Australia.  We then taught Contagion over two rounds before Kyno beat us all at a game of Settlers.  It was a great afternoon.

It’s Australia Day tomorrow, so it’s started already in Australia.  Instead of blazing hot summer our teeth chattered as we walked back from the subway tonight.  I think Triple J’s Hottest 100 has already begun.  I was hoping Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off would make it, only because I remember the countdown being something I’d listen to religiously as a teenager and I like the song.  There’ve been fierce arguments in articles linked to my Facebook feed for the past few weeks, with good arguments why the mainstream pop song isn’t relevant to  what Triple J plays.  Then I remembered that it’s been almost 20 years since I listened to Triple J, and I probably won’t like anything on their playlist anyway.  Lucky I have iTunes and I already bought it!

I’ve tidied my desk.  Prepared for another week.

Boardgames afternoon with Kyno & Chevo
Boardgames afternoon with Kyno & Chevo

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