Day 594 Snow & Cake & Mashups


Today I finished draft Powerpoint presentations for Abdo Fellow Rounds next Thursday and Breast oncology group rounds for some Tuesday in February before the snow storm started.  It wasn’t too cold outside today but the temperature was right for snow.  Walking home this afternoon my black down jacket became polka-dot white.  This evening I’m baking a cake, because I have no dietary discipline and felt like cake.  The chocolate fudge I took to TWH on Monday was too well received: I turned around at 17:15 to see one tiny broken piece was left.  Then all the sonographers told the other sonographers about The Chocolate Fudge That Glen Brought To Work and so the TGH sonographers want some too.



While playing boardgames last Sunday Kyno and Chevo had mashups playing by a Greek DJ, Robin Skouteris.  They’re awesome!  I’ve been listening to them all afternoon.  I’ve found mashups of some old songs and artists that bring back good memories: Opus III, Faithless, The Prodigy… As well as mashups from popular songs of the last few years.  They are the soundtracks to our time living in Canada, just like the subway Doors Closing chimes (distorted first half of the Sesame Street theme tune).


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