Day 595 A Long Week

It’s been a long week.  I get up and it’s dark.  I go to work.  It’s dark when I leave. The subways are crowded and stupid people think if they stand on the edge of the doorway that they aren’t really blocking the door because they have only blocked a little bit.  But they are like platelets at an endothelial injury, quickly causing intravascular clot and complete vessel occlusion.  I was in TGH CT today and thankfully we kept on top of the list.  I had five double espressos but never felt like I woke up.  The subway platform North from Queens Park was so full that two full trains came and went and I gave up, walked back across to the South platform and caught a train South, and around, through Union back up to Bloor/Yonge.  I listened to mashups loudly through my earbud headphones and bopped away, trying to ignore the people bumping into my jacket as they brushed too close past in the aisle.  I was standing equidistant from both doors; you couldn’t be farther from a doorway. We had all-you-can-eat sushi for dinner with Kyno.  It felt extremely cold outside.  Maybe I should’ve worn more than a T-shirt under my down jacket. Even though I’m covering D on call tomorrow (a noon-22:30 shift then 2nd on call all night) it still feels like a Friday.

Winter never ends.
Winter never ends.

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