Day 599 A Good Day

Didn’t blog much last week because every day was the same: wake up in dark, trudge to work in snow, get hammered at work, go home in dark, eat, sleep.  Today was different.  Again, because of the snow patients mustn’t have turned up for scans so we had time to breath in between cases.  I made sure to take a lunch break, and went to the food court downstairs with Shlomit.  After work I showed the resident some interesting cases then I caught the subway home.  Dan had baked smashed potatoes and chicken for dinner and we finished watching The Interview, which I enjoyed simply because it was so ridiculously stupid and offensive.

A theatre somewhere West on College St had a special event on tonight, free movie session sponsored by Now Toronto, Wild Tales.  It’s an Argentinian anthology film of violent but black comedy shorts.  We were squirming in our seats and laughing out loud.  We’d spent about 40 minutes waiting outside, stomping the slushy snow on the footpath out front and our toes were frozen.  We caught the streetcar and subway home and I grabbed a slice of pizza from Pizzaiola on Yonge/Hayden, eating it as the snow lightly floated towards our faces walking home.


Dan got an email last night: our wedding photos are ready to view.  Woo hoo!

Credit: Shutterbrugs Photography
Credit: Shutterbrugs Photography



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